Maren Morris Says Goodbye to Country Music

Since the early 2000s, Maren Morris has been one of country music’s biggest stars. Now she has announced her retirement from country music. From now on, she wants to do different types of music she said.

Maren Morris latest EP, “The Bridge,” shows she’s ready to leave country music behind.

  • “The Tree” was Morris’ first song. She sings about doing things that don’t work. When she compared it, it was like filling a cup with a hole in the bottom.

During the song “Get the Hell Out of Here,” Morris sings that she “watered the garden but forgot to fill the well.” The lyrics explain that she tried her hand at country music, but now she wants something new and a boost in her career.

Reason Why Maren Morris is leaving country music

The reason why Morris left country music was more than just fatigue. According to her, country music needs to address its history of racism and lack of women power and respect. Morris wants country music to be more inclusive and more diverse.

Morris has already spoken about these issues before. The Human rights have been the subject of public arguments between her and other country stars.

On the “Bridge” EP, Morris shows herself stepping away from her successful country music career. The thought of starting over completely crossed her mind. Without her help, country music was slowly changing.

Morris has to keep talking about making allies and facing uncomfortable truths. Some people think she’s criticizing country music. Although some disagree with her. With this new EP Morris takes a big step towards a new genre of music. It was his first time working with a major record label, not a country label. She is also collaborating with famous pop producer Jack Antonoff.

Maren Morris Future and Career

As Morris explores her departure from her country roots, she hopes for a brighter future. It may be emotionally difficult for her to give up country music. Musicians like Morris want more creative freedom and progression.

Although Maren Morris built her career in country music, she is taking a bold step away from it. In her music, she plans to express her beliefs more clearly. Her fans will be excited to see what Morris does next in this brave new chapter.

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