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15 Best Romance Anime on Hulu

Best Romance Anime on Hulu: Romance anime is one of the most popular anime genres. Who doesn’t love heartwarming love and relationship stories? Luckily, Hulu has an excellent selection of romance anime series and movies for anime fans to enjoy. Here are 15 of the best romance anime on Hulu right now.

Best Romance anime on Hulu

Best Romance Anime on Hulu

1. My Love Story

My Love Story follows the burly Takeo Gouda, who everyone assumes is out of his crush’s league. The girl is won over by Takeo’s humble and selfless character. There are humorous misunderstandings, refreshing confessions, and a touching coming-of-age story in this unconventional romantic anime.

2. Kamisama Kiss

In Kamisama Kiss, a high school girl becomes a deity at a shrine and romances her handsome fox familiar, Tomoe. This supernatural romance anime has endearing characters and heartwarming moments. Throughout the show, Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship grows.

3. Snow White with the Red Hair

Shirayuki is an independent herbalist who catches the attention of Prince Raji and eventually Prince Zen in this fantasy romance anime. She flees to another kingdom and befriends Prince Zen to escape Prince Raji’s order to become his concubine. Watching their gradual romance unfold amid kingdom drama is enthralling.

4. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

There is a sweet romance between two otakus at work in Wotakoi. When Narumi and Hirotaka start working for the same company, Narumi is embarrassed to be viewed as an otaku. Her secret office relationship with Hirotaka soon begins when she realizes he is also an unapologetic otaku. This is a great movie for geeky romance fans.

 5. Say “I Love You”

Due to childhood trauma, Mei Tachibana has difficulty making friends. When popular Yamato Kurosawa draws her attention, Mei slowly opens up to love and friendship. As you root for Mei, this touching school romance anime tugs at your heartstrings.

 6. Kase-san and Morning Glories

The anime movie follows the blossoming relationship between shy Yamada and athletic Kase on the greenery committee. Although Yamada and Kase begin as friends, Yamada gradually falls for Kase’s cheerful passion. Yuriyuri romances are delightful.

 7. Maid Sama

As the first female student council president of her once all-boys school, Misaki has a reputation for despising boys. But Usui learns that Misaki works part-time at a maid cafe. Love is the subject of this competitive rom-com.

8. My Teen Romantic Comedy

‘My Teen Romantic Comedy’ follows antisocial teenager Hachiman Hikigaya who thinks youth romance is overrated. He meets Yukino Yukinoshita through the volunteer service club, which makes him question his beliefs. High school relationships are deconstructed in this witty anime.

9. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

High school girl Sakura Chiyo discovers Nozaki is actually a popular shoujo manga artist after confessing to her crush. He inspires her with his imagination as she helps him with his manga. There are moments of silliness and sweetness in this quirky romantic comedy.

10. Ouran High School Host Club

The Ouran High School Host Club delivers a reverse harem romantic comedy that is a classic. The broke girl Haruhi accidentally breaks a vase belonging to the elite Ouran host club. For repayment, she dresses as a boy and hosts club members for female clients. A fun-loving anime parodying romantic anime tropes.

11. Fruits Basket (2019)

Tohru lives in a tent after her mother died. She soon moves into the Souma house in exchange for housekeeping duties, unaware that the Soumas are cursed by the Zodiac. There is a beautiful bond between characters and a wonderful touch of realism in this heartwarming remake.

12. Relife

At 27, Arata Kaizaki feels lost in his career and life. A mysterious Relife pill makes him 10 years younger, allowing him to restart high school. From the perspective of an adult, this anime explores second chances at relationships, goals, and maturity.

13. Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Chunibyo Yuta just wants to live a normal high school life. He meets Rikka, who is immersed in her own fantasy world, and gets sucked into it. There are plenty of humorous chunibyo antics in this charming coming-of-age anime, but there are also meaningful themes about growing up and accepting change as well.

14. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

The shy otaku Hikari struggles with self-esteem issues and gives up on 3D real girls. Hikari slowly opens up to a relationship when the energetic girl Iroha actively pursues him. Youth romance and social anxieties are portrayed realistically in 3D Kanojo.

15. My Little Monster

Shizuku and Haru form a budding relationship in My Little Monster. Their personalities are polar opposites, but they grow closer through unexpected encounters. Comedy and heartfelt character development combine in this quirky rom-com.

Best anime on Hulu Reddit

There you have it – 15 captivating Best Romance Anime on Hulu series and movies you can watch on Hulu right now! There are more romance titles on Hulu than just those listed above. If you want even more love stories to make your heart flutter, check out their anime offerings.

Best romance animes on Hulu

Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet school romance, passionate supernatural love, or hilarious rom-com, you’ll find the perfect anime to suit your taste for romantic storylines on Hulu. So pick a few titles, grab some snacks, and let these anime warm your heart. Just don’t blame us if you end up on an emotional rollercoaster from getting so invested!


Romance anime has something for everyone, from lighthearted high school crushes to epic supernatural love stories. Hulu makes it easy for anime fans to access romantic anime series and movies. With popular titles like Fruit Basket, My Love Story, and Maid Sama, Hulu is guaranteed to give you all the feels. So get your snacks ready, grab a few tissues just in case, and let these 15 Best Romance Anime on Hulu.

Check out all these romance anime on Hulu: [https://www.hulu.com/hub/anime]

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