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Gary Wright Passed Away At the age of 80 After Health Issues

Legendary singer-songwriter Gary Wright Passed Away At the age of 80 after a prolonged battle with poor health, his family announced Tuesday.

Early Life of Gary Wright

Gary Wright Passed Away At the age of 80 After Health Issues
Gary Wright Passed Away At the age of 80 After Health Issues

Gray Wright was best known as a pioneer of synth-pop and soft rock music in the 1970s and 80s. He first was a keyboardist and vocalist for the British rock band Spooky Tooth.

After leaving the group in 1970, Wright went on to find major solo success with hits like “Dream Weaver” and “Love is Alive” off his 1975 album The Dream Weaver.

With its mix of rock, pop and R&B blended with Wright’s virtuoso synthesizer playing, “Dream Weaver” exemplified Wright’s distinctive musical style. The song’s spiritual lyrics about searching for meaning also encapsulated the more introspective tone of the 1970s. It became Wright’s signature tune, hitting #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Gary Wright was born in Cresskill, New Jersey in 1943. From a young age he was drawn to music, teaching himself piano and guitar as a child. In his 20s, he joined Spooky Tooth, contributing keyboards and vocals to their psychedelic hard rock sound on albums like Ceremony.

After departing Spooky Tooth, Wright released his debut solo album Extraction in 1970, displaying his talent for songwriting with introspective tracks like “Get on the Right Road.” But it was The Dream Weaver in 1975 that truly launched Wright’s solo career and cemented his reputation as a hitmaker.

With his synthesizers and voice modified through inventive production techniques, Wright crafted a unique new sound on The Dream Weaver. Songs like “Power of Love” and “Phantom Writer” became AOR radio staples. He would go on to release over 10 studio albums over his long career, including hit LPs like Touch and Go and The Right Place.

Even into his 70s, Wright continued to write new music and tour extensively. His final album Connected was released in 2011. As recently as 2018 he was still performing live shows, playing hits from across his discography for loyal fans.

Many of Wright’s colleagues and contemporaries paid tribute to the late musician on Tuesday. Rock guitarist Joe Satriani called him “an immense talent.” Singer Richard Marx tweeted “His great songs and gentle soul will live forever.”

Wright is survived by his wife Mauricia Wright, to whom he was married for nearly 60 years, their 2 daughters, and 4 grandchildren. The family thanked fans for their support and asked for privacy during this difficult time.

How old is Gary Wright today?

He was 80 years old. Gary Wright Passed Away At the age of 80.

Who is Gary Wright married to?

Gary Wright was married to Rose Mauricia Wright.



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